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Itamar Glucksmann

Ron Beeri


Itamar was born and raised in Jerusalem.

From an early age he started practicing theatre and circus arts.After few years in the Jerusalem circus school, he found himself looking for new boundaries, in the seek for new challenges. 


In the age of 19 he moves to Berlin, Germany, there he will discover the world of dance. After one year of intensive trainings in circus arts and contemporary dance In Germany,, he enters the highly reputed circus school “LE LIDO” n Toulouse France. After two years of intensive training at the circus school, Itamar starts his professional career.


Today Itamar is Touring with LAZUZ, works in various circus and dance companies, such as:
Cie 111 Of Aurelien Bory, "Compagnie Dernière Minute" of Pierre Rigal and IETO.

Ron is a Juggler & Circus Artist born in a small “kibbutz” in the north of Israel. When he was a teenager he discovered and learned juggling through some kids on the street in his hometown. Later on juggling became a medicine for his ADHD, it became a local and international community that he was a part of as well as a way of expressing his personality by performing the art form.



In 2009 he moved to Stockholm Sweden where he graduated from the Dance & Circus University (DOCH).  Later on he based his own company BEERI in Sweden and Founded the company LAZUZ together with Itamar Glucksmann.



Today Ron is touring with LAZUZ, his solo Performances and teaching in different venues and Schools around the world.

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